Maternity Reflexology

Pre-Conceptual Reflexology


It is never too soon to start getting your body ready for pregnancy.  Leading up to conception, reflexology assists in cleansing your body and reducing your toxic load, correcting hormone imbalances and blood sugar irregularities.  Increased blood circulation ensures the organs receive more oxygen and nutrients in preparation for pregnancy.  It also helps to eliminate emotional toxins by reducing stress and anxiety, and inducing relaxation.


  • Reduces your toxic load

  • Physiologically, it optimizes our organ function

  • Restores homeostasis within the endocrine system

  • Stimulates the immune system promoting wellness

  • Reduces the chance of passing on our own genetic weaknesses

  • Increases the flow of chi energy throughout the body

  • Reduces stress & anxiety – which increases your chance of conception

Did you know…..

  • Women have more toxins in their bodies than men

  • Out of all our population groups, infants have the highest toxic load

  • Infants are born with an average of 278 toxins in their bodies

  • Toxins are more readily passed through the placenta than breast milk

  • Most toxins are able to pass through the blood brain barrier

  • Toxins are affecting the neurological developing of children in utero – termed “The Chemical Brain Drain”

  • Toxins are – more than likely – the causes of the rise in chronic childhood disease (trans-generational effects)


The “bad” about stress & anxiety:

  • Research indicates that there is 12% less chance of conception if you are stressed

  • It weakens the immune system

  • It delays ovulation (disrupts the endocrine system)

  • It depletes vitamins and minerals in the body

  • It directly affects the developing egg & sperm cells

  • It negatively affects the Ph-levels of our body fluids

Reflexology during Pregnancy


Many changes take place in your body during pregnancy – hormonal, emotional, physiological and metabolic.  These ensure that you and the baby receive adequate nutrition and oxygen, that the pregnancy is sustained and toxins are effectively eliminated.

These changes are often accompanied by a wide range of unwelcome symptoms.  Reflexology can provide much relief from these symptoms.

It also assists on an emotional level to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, creating a sense of wellbeing for you and your baby.


  • Balancing effect on hormone function

  • Optimal functioning of the organs

  • Elimination of toxins & effective lymph drainage

  • Assists in prevention and/or managing oedema

  • Increases and manages blood circulation

  • Aids digestion

  • Reduces physical aches and pains

  • Deeper and better quality of sleep

  • Creates a sense of wellbeing and support for mother & baby


Although reflexology is considered completely safe during pregnancy, there are a few conditions where it is contra-indicated:

  • Pre-Eclampsia

  • Bleeding during pregnancy

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

  • HELLP Syndrome

  • Pica Syndrome


Research indicates those women who have reflexology during pregnancy are more likely to carry their babies to full term and have shorter and more effective labours.  They also experience less problems with milk supply and breastfeeding.


Post-Pregnancy Reflexology


Following the birth of your baby, reflexology is the ultimate nurturing tool to help find yourself again.  Tremendous changes have taken place (physically and emotionally) over the last 40 weeks and you may well feel overwhelmed and anxious.  Together with little or no sleep, the extreme hormonal changes that take place in your body may lead to “baby blues” or even postnatal depression.

Reflexology provides that much needed time for relaxation, calmness, self-nurturing and gentle support to get you through those first few weeks of being a new mother, while assisting your body to re-balance.



  • Stimulates deep relaxation & induces sleep

  • Relieves physical aches & pains

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Improves hormonal balance

  • Relieves anxiety, tiredness & exhaustion

  • Increases milk supply

  • Assists with post-operative healing


  • Enhances libido and heightens sex drive (when the time is right – strengthening bond between mon and dad)


Reflexology during labour


Reflexology is the perfect non-invasive tool to help you relax and remain calm during labour – allowing you to manage your energy and draw on it at crucial times.  It is known to stimulate several helpful physiological processes. 

As a touch therapy, reflexology is calming and soothing during labour, making you feel loved and nurtured.



  • Regulates contractions – strengthens or sedate them

  • Regulates the release of labour & lactation hormones

  • Reduces the pain of the contractions

  • Promotes relaxation so labour may progress

  • Encourages urination and bowel movements

  • Relieves backache

  • Regulates breathing

  • Regulates body temperature

  • Assists with the release of the placenta


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